Porsche 9ff TR1000 Hits 391.7km/h

The TR1000 is 9ff’s second fastest and strongest Porsche they have ever tuned. First place is for the GT9-R with its output of 1,120bhp. The 997 Turbo produces a whooping 1,000bhp! That is enough power for a sprint from standstill to 62mph (100km/h) in just 3.2 seconds. After 16 seconds the TR1000 passes the 188mph (300km/h) barrier.

The Ruf Stormster electrifies Porsche’s Cayenne.

Ruf Automobile GmbH is known for building some of the fastest Porsche-based cars ever created, such as the Rt 12 with which we hit 217.1 mph on the Autobahn one dark evening in Germany in 2005. But in a nod to alternative propulsion methods, this small company situated in the Bavarian town of Pfaffenhausen has lately strayed from 700-bhp twin-turbo gasoline-powered flat-6 engines to battery-powered electric motors: To wit, the new Ruf Stormster.

Based on Porsche’s Cayenne SUV, the Stormster, says Ruf, is the very first electrically-powered Cayenne. A Siemens electric motor provides the Stormster’s propulsion, putting out 270 kW, or the equivalent of 367 hp. This is the same motor that powers Ruf’s Greenster 911-based electric sports car, itself an evolution of the eRuf concept that we test-drove in the December 2008 issue of R&T. The lithium-ion batteries in the Ruf Stormster come from Li-Tec Battery of Germany.

Ruf says the Stormster, with a total vehicle weight of 5886 lb. (which is a little over 1000 lb. heavier than the Cayenne V-6), hits 100 km/h (62 mph) in 10 seconds, and can continue on to a not-exactly-hair-raising top speed of 93 mph. But possibly the most important performance figure for the Ruf Stormster is its claimed range of 124 miles between charges. The all-wheel-drive Ruf Stormster rides on specially developed Hankook winter tires (size 295/30R-22) fitted to Ruf’s classically understated lightweight 5-spoke wheels.

The Ruf Stormster is currently on display in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Certainly a fitting launching ground.