2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S

2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S

July 26, 2009

2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S – Front Side View

RUF Porsche Rt 12 S 2009 - Front Angle ViewRUF Porsche Rt 12 S 2009 – Front Angle View

2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S - Front View2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S – Front View

RUF Porsche Rt 12 S 2009 - Rear Side ViewRUF Porsche Rt 12 S 2009 – Rear Side View

2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S - Rear View2009 RUF Porsche Rt 12 S – Rear View

RUF Porsche Rt 12 S 2009 - Front Side Race ViewRUF Porsche Rt 12 S 2009 – Front Side Race View

German tuners RUF unveiled their latest work on the Porsche 997, the RUF Rt 12 S. The RUF Porsche Rt 12 S comes with refined biturbo boxer engine with 504 kW (685 hp) develops a maximal torque of 880 Nm. The roll cage which is integrated in the ceiling has been developed by RUF and belongs to the standard equipment of the Rt 12 S.

The new RUF Rt 12 S also comes with a dynamic design of the front with separate LED alternative lamps for the position light and the turn signals. A discreet carbon rear spoiler with tearing edge, air ducts which are harmonically integrated in the widened rear fenders and exterior mirrors from the RUF CTR 3 complete the appearance of the Rt 12 S. The RUF has forged 19 inch light alloy wheels in the front and in the rear. Behind you can see the ceramic brake discs of this high performance brake system. The chassis and the aerodynamics are tuned to a maximum speed of 360 km/h.

The RUF Porsche Rt 12 S interior comes with contoured bucket seats or comfortable sport seats and a steering wheel with maximum grip offer the right ergonomics for fatigue-proof driving. Applications in varnish, aluminium or carbon are possible and offer the client an individual scope of design.

The RUF Rt 12 S coupé can optionally be delivered with rear drive or four-wheel drive and costs 255,900.00 Euro (plus VAT).



Insane Swiss supercar is anything but neutral

For those who think a GT2 isn't mad enough...
For those who think a GT2 isn’t mad enough…

Swiss tuning house Sportec has come up with a modified Porsche 997 Turbo packing a truly bonkers 858bhp.

The T80 will be revealed at the prestigious Salon Privé motor show in London later this month, and is among the most hardcore Porsche conversions you’re ever likely to see. With an increase of 373bhp over the standard 997 Turbo and a headline torque figure of 642lb ft, the twin-turbo T80 is claimed to hit 62mph (100kmh) in three seconds, and 186mph (300kmh) in just 18.9 seconds, before going on to a Veyron-bothering 236mph top speed.

This stunning performance is achieved through an extensive set of modifications to every aspect of the engine and drivetrain, including titanium connecting rods, forged alloy pistons and a dry sump lubrication system. There is also a hand-crafted exhaust system, twin throttle bodies and specially made hybrid turbochargers, and several electronic management systems able to control a vast number of parameters as well as the engine itself.

The shock absorbers and ride height are adjustable, and an unspecified ‘active suspension’ system should make some headway toward keeping that much power on the road. Should you wish to take the car off the road and onto a track (possibly a wise decision), Sportec can also equip customers with a custom-made motorsports exhaust, which should ensure a small additional power increase. The specially designed high-performance clutch should be able to withstand track abuse, as should the all-round cross-drilled and ventilated ceramic disks.

The body gets some carbon/kevlar composite panels to help get the weight down, and aerodynamics are given a helping hand with a flat carbonfibre underfloor and an adjustable rear spoiler. There are also some more subtle bulges and furrows to optimise airflow into the engine and intercooler.

Despite the hardcore track appeal of T80, it is being offered with more-or-less the full suite of 997 accessories, including sat-nav, air conditioning and a multifunction steering wheel. It even meets tough Euro IV emissions standards, though fuel economy figures are not mentioned in the press release and are probably quite amusing.