2010 Porsche Porsche 997 Turbo S

Porsche has unveiled a new 911 Turbo S supercar. Making its debut at the 2010 Geneva motor show, it’s the first appearance of the uprated Turbo in the 911 lineup for six years.

Previously the Turbo S has appeared as a run-out special as both 993 and 996 versions of the 911 reached replacement, but this 997 iteration is a range-topping model in its own right.

And it’s usefully more powerful than the current, standard turbocharged 997 – the Turbo S boasts 523bhp and 516lb ft, respective rises of 30bhp and 37lb ft. Impressively, the fuel economy remains at 24.8mpg. Not a typical evo selling point, we admit, but it’s a rather good figure for a four-wheel-drive supercar.

That four-wheel traction, plus the standard fitment of Launch Control, means a 0-62mph-time of 3.3sec is claimed, with 124mph arriving in 10.8sec and a 196mph maximum. We’ve bettered those figures in a standard 911 Turbo already, though, and you can see Chris Harris going for a full-bore start on video here.

The 997 Turbo S will set you back £123,263 in Coupe form and £130,791 if you fancy a drop-top. That may sound steep, both representing rises well north of £20K, but the pricing appears far better value when you delve deeper: no important option box has gone unticked, with paddle-equipped PDK dual-clutch auto transmission, dynamic engine mounts, Porsche torque vectoring, Sport Chrono and ceramic brakes all standard. There are some lovely 19in RS Spyder alloys on the outside and swathes of leather and luxury inside, too.