Next-generation 911

Next-generation 911

Porsche 911

Text: Jack Rix / Photos: SB-Medien/Automedia

27th January 2010

It might look familiar, but these are the best shots yet of the next-generation Porsche 911, codenamed the 998, that will replace the current car in 2011. As with every iteration of the iconic 911, styling changes are subtle although there are some interesting features on this test mule that will whet the appetite of 911 fans.

Don’t be fooled by the 911 Turbo-style air intake in front of the rear wheel arch. On closer inspection it’s nothing more than a sticker – Porsche engineer’s idea of a joke in an attempt to confuse any onlookers. And judging by the light camouflage the front and rear bumpers have been remodelled very slightly.

Up front the headlights sit a fraction more upright, while below them is a set of dazzling LED daytime running lights. The side indicators are now also LEDs. Panamera-inspired wing mirrors are no longer mounted in the corner of the front windows, but on the shoulder of the bodywork, creating better visibility for the driver.

The oversize rear boot-lip spoiler looks like a tribute to the legendary 959 hypercar, but it won’t be on the production car. It’s job is to mask the rear end – fueling rumours that an all-new retractable rear spoiler will be making an appearance.

Expect the same direct-injection flat-six engine from the current car to be carried over, with a mild power hike of course, and coupled to a reworked version of the PDK dual-clutch gearbox.