Wild Porsche Panamera

German tuner Lumma Design makes the Panamera even more striking than normal

Lumma Design Porsche Panamera The Porsche Panamera – a pretty impressive take on the four-door supercar, but a bit of an opinion divider on the styling front. It’s unlikely you find it too subtle, but nonetheless, Lumma Design has answered an unasked question with its Panamera-based CLR 700GT.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, it’s still at the design stage, and there’s no word on what power lies beneath. We do get a pretty good feel for Lumma’s design credentials, though, with stonking 22in dished alloys housed in bulbous new wheelarches, aggressive new bumpers, splitters and spoilers and a rather large rear diffuser.

There’s also a smattering of additional air intakes as well as what appears to be a carbon bonnet. The CLR 700GT rides 35mm lower than a standard Porsche Panamera