Big price reductions for Porsche


Cayenne GTS

Porsche Australia has dramatically reduced pricing across its sports car and SUV ranges by up to 13% as part of its strategy to double local sales over the next 7 years.

The cuts range from $5500 to $36,300 and cover the 911, Boxster, Cayman and Cayenne.

The price drops come ahead of the 2014 introduction of the new Macan medium SUV, which is expected to be a major part of Porsche’s sales offensive.The German manufacturer topped 1373 Australian sales in 2013 and has set the annual target of 2500+ locals sales before 2020.

While the price cuts are a result of taking on competitors offerings, the company says Porsche will still carry a price premium as part of the brand’s exclusivity strategy.

The brand is not volume driven and says the move is more about reducing discounting, with many dealers already selling vehicles well below the recommended price in the attempt to stay competitive.

“We aim to bring transaction prices closer to the list prices,” says Bernhard Maier, member of the board of management responsible for sales and marketing.

Some cars have received bigger discounts because Porsche is trying to more closely align them with pricing in overseas markets.