Battery Boxster

Porsche has (almost silently) rolled out three Boxster E prototypes, each powered by two 90kW electric motors and a 29kW/h battery.

These are not concepts, says Porsche CEO Matthias Müller, but rolling laboratories that will be put into daily use to help solve the practical problems of electric vehicles in a real-world situation – and to adapt that world for electric vehicles.

No technical details have been released but Müller said the battery Boxsters would have about the same performance as the conventional models – 0-100 in five seconds and a 270km/h top speed.

Simple arithmetic, however, tells us that level of performance will run a 29kW/h battery as flat as yesterday’s souffle in about nine minutes.

Müller admitted: “Electric mobility is a central challenge of the coming years and we at Porsche have a part to play, to gain insight into requirements for future products and the inclusion of electric vehicles in the infrastructure.

The Boxster, he added, was the ideal platform for practical testing of electric drives.

“It’s very light and its mid-engine layout allows the new components – electric motors, batteries and high-voltage technology – to be safely and accessibly accommodated while still providing the performance and dynamics expected of a Boxster.”