BUYER BEWARE - 'Australia/n' inserted into descriptions, websites, online advertising, titles, packaging, trading, business or company names, can be misleading


We grow our own Australian Moringa, Process our own Australian Moringa, Manufacture products from our own Australian Moringa, Extract our own Australian Moringa, Pack our own Australian Grown Moringa (in Cairns), and sell our own Australian Grown & Made Moringa. We have some agents and shop outlets we clearly identify.

However, we DO NOT, and HAVE NOT supplied our Moringa to other Australian repackers of Moringa. In the future, we may export some overseas.

Beware and double check words such as Australian Organics, From our growers in Queensland, Australian Moringa, Grown in Queensland, Packed in Queensland, Origin Australia, Manufactured in Australia, Best Australian Moringa, Moringa from an Australian company, Australian Origins, etc etc